Enjoy Begonia in Railing Flower Boxes


Begonias, in general, are the most welcomed and carefree indoor greenery with a lot of types to pick. The unique appearance of them will create different landscape for space decor. This attractive flower, together with Leizisure railing flower pots can definitely beautify your decks, fences and railings.


Some of the begonias are featured by the asymmetrical, patterned and variegated leaves. With their vibrant colors, they add attractive visual interest to your patio, balcony, garden areas.


Common Begonia types

Wax begonias might be the most commonplace and beloved ones among begonias. They can bloom from spring to fall. Being planted under trees or grown in plant pots like hanging plant pots or railing flower pots, you’ll get a natural colorful exhibition. Normally grown as annuals, they can reach 15-30cm tall and wide.

Tuberous begonias have larger flowers and longer flowering phase in comparison with wax begonias. Plus they can reach 30 to 45cm tall as houseplants and up to 3 feet in outdoor plant pots. Leizisure railing flower pots are great option to grow them.

These greenery grow best in planters as the pots make it easy to control watering. They’re likely to rot in the ground, thus don’t give them too much water. In terms of sunlight, please avoid direct sun.

Leizisure railing flower pots

With the mounting hardware, you don’t need to drill. What you need to do is to lock the support arm to the desired width, and then hang the flower boxes and put your loving plants inside.

You may discover that the two railing flower pots feature different finish – rattan surface and matte baking varnished surface. Which one do you prefer? Leave your comments below and let us know!

matte finish

rattan surface



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