Make Your Own Self-watering Planter


We’ve talked about several ways to DIY self-watering planters in our previous article, and today we’d like to share another easy way to make self-watering plant pots for your loving plants.

Unavoidably sometimes we may forget to do something, like feeding your pet, punching in, watering your greenery etc. Perhaps developing a habit like setting a clock to remind you of important things can be helpful. But when you’re on a business trip or vacation, who will water your plants? Self-watering plant pots work it out. Let’s turn a plastic bottle into a self-watering pot.

DIY self-watering plant pots

What you need to prepare

The materials include some cleaned bottles and yarn, a nail and a hammer, a scissor and a craft knife, plants and soil.

First you need to cut the plastic bottle crosswise into two parts with the help of the craft knife and scissor. And it doesn’t need to be cut exactly in half. The bottom half of the bottle will be the water reservoir.

And then hammer your nail into the bottle’s plastic top to drill a wide hole by nailing the nail several times into the top. After that you can easily thread your yarn through the hole.


It’s better to have four to five small holes in this part for air holes. And these holes should be above the water line. After these steps, a simple self-watering plant pot is completed. Twist the top on, fill the soil in the upper half bottle and grow the plant in.

In order to get a decorative pot, you can paint some patterns on it or change the plastic bottle into a glass bottle, which will be more ornamental.

Leizisure self-watering plant pots

Leizisure has a series of self-watering planters, and features baking finish, rattan or stone-like appearance, sandy surface or matte finish. With a high standard of workmanship and materials, we offer you the best plant pots. To know more information about Leizisure, you can visit our Alibaba shop or official web. If you have any questions, just feel free to leave your comment or contact us.



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