Leizisure Self-watering Hanging Planter


“Melancholy is nothing but abated fervor,” wrote Gide. Life is full of possibilities. Springtime gives us a joyful feeling. We can enjoy these beautiful days on weekends. In addition to these happy moments, sadness or melancholy is also a part of life, while it doesn’t mean a negative way to deal with things. It’s another means of passion which shown in a peaceful way. Just learn to live with moments of sadness~ Emotional up and downs are quite common, and keeping a balance is vital. Do some gardening and you may feel a bit tired, while it helps relieve your mind better! Today let’s see Leizisure self-watering hanging planter. Grow some flowers and experience the strong life of plants in this growing season.

What do you think of these hanging plant pots? The various colors will absolutely add vitality to the space you are going to decorate. As you can see, this self-watering hanging planter has a rattan finish. The coffee color looks like a natural rattan basket. This planter is made from PP plastic. This kind of material is eco-friendly. Leizisure believes that green development is the future trend. We hope to make a contribution to environmental protection through our efforts.

This self-watering hanging planter is an intelligent flowerpot compared with common flowerpots. It has two pots – the outer container and the inner bucket. The water level indicator can tell you when to water the plant. Thus this pot is friendly to those green hands of plant lovers. The watering break can extend to 15-40 days! Try this self-watering hanging planter and you’ll be free from worrying about forgetting to give water to plants.

In the picture above, you can see the details. There is a rubber plug at the bottom of the outer container. When it’s used outdoors, the plug should be taken out so that the rainfall won’t lead to root rot.

self-watering hanging planter

Leizisure – a great flowerpot supplier

If you like this self-watering hanging planter, leave your message below and tell us your opinion about this pot. Welcome your quote and hope to be your future supplier~ We’re a Chinese manufacturer and our factory is located in the southern part of China. The nearest port is Ningbo Port. Contact us if you’re interested in Leizisure.



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