Leizisure Small Indoor Planter


Do you love large houseplants? They are natural interior decor. Not only are they ornamental, but also valuable. It’s just like a special piece of furniture. The plant will accompany you like a friend. Plus large greenery like Areca Palm and Bird of Paradise brings a tropical flair into your room. The Areca palm has slim stems and arching fronds, which are narrow and full and look like feather and bamboo leaves. However, a lot of people who rent in the city may have limited space. Thus such big plants are not very suitable to grow. Here we recommend you the Bella palm and our indoor small plant pot.

The Bella palm looks like a small version of Areca palm. They almost share the same appearance and style, but the Bella palm is cuter. See it in Leizisure indoor small plant pot. It’s an ideal table decoration. The indoor small plant pot belongs to Leizisure self-watering planter. The self-watering function helps lower your watering frequency. The planter works as your assistant to take care of the greenery. The protruding sticks of the inner bucket are designed for plants to absorb water from the outer container.

indoor small plant planter

The water-level indicator shows how much water is left in the water reservoir, which is very convenient and makes it an intelligent planter. Additionally, this indoor small plant pot is great to grow anthuriums and mini orchids.

In our previous article, we’ve talked about anthurium crystallinum, a very popular plant on Instagram. If you’re interested in it, you may visit our self-watering page on this web. The Bella palm is also a foliage plant, and it’s cute. Take one and put it on your office desk!

Tips on Bella palm care  

This palm is also called tabletop palm and generally will grow into 6-14 inches when it’s kept in an indoor small plant pot. When it comes to watering, it loves moisture. You’d better keep the soil moist. That is to say, don’t let the soil completely dry or too wet. The temperature should be above fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

The tabletop palm is not that hard to take care of. It will flourish under medium to bright light so that it prefers a north or west-facing window. Direct sunlight should be avoided.



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