Grow Rainbow Bush with Leizisure


Succulents have a wide range of varieties. Most of them have fleshy leaves, leaving a cute impression on you. And surprisingly each of them has a fairly different look. Most of them flourish in autumn and their leaves’ colors change after getting enough sunlight. It’s interesting and quite attractive to plant lovers. Today let’s have a look at the rainbow bush, and it’s grown in our plastic self-watering pot.

This shrubby plant is featured by its reddish stems and green leaves with white or pink variegation. The slow-growing succulent is native to South Africa. Like most succulents, it needs little care and can tolerate drought. Grow it in a plastic self-watering pot, and you’ll almost get free from watering it. The self-watering planter models after the natural environment where plants grow. Composed of the inner bucket and the outer decorative pot, this plant pot makes your planting easier.

self-watering planter

Tips on rainbow bush care

When growing it indoors, you’d better put it in a sunny and dry spot with good ventilation. If you grow it outdoor, we recommend you to take it indoors in winter so that it won’t suffer from frost injury. Plus the room temperature should be above 10 degrees. If it’s a sunny day, just don’t hesitate to let it enjoy the sunshine.

The inner bucket of the plastic self-watering pot is used for growing plants. Choose a good draining soil for the rainbow bush. You may mix some volcanic rocks or sand in it so as to help the root breathe well. Additionally, when you pick a flowerpot for it, there should be a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. For indoor use, it’s necessary to get a tray to take the excess water. But for Leizisure plastic self-watering pot, you don’t have to worry about it, since the outer container would store the water. And you can know how much water is left in it by looking at the water level indicator.

As mentioned above, this plant likes dry conditions, which means it doesn’t need much water. When a new plant adapts to the self-watering planter, you may water it around every 15 days in accordance with the water level indicator. In addition, autumn is the season it grows quickly, so you need to adjust the watering frequency.

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