Grow Potted Hyacinths with Leizisure


What’s your impression of spring? It’s a time that flowering happens! The tulip bulbs we planted last January are blooming now. These bright flowers indeed bring natural beauty inside. Along with the Leizisure decorating plastic flower pot, it’s like a piece of artwork to furnish a corner of your house! Try growing tulips or hyacinths in the pots~

Last time we’ve talked about tulips, and if you’re interested in it, you may read our previous articles in the news or self-watering page. Today let’s talk about the potted hyacinth: how to care for it and we recommend this decorating plastic flower pot for indoor use.

decorating plastic flower pot

The hyacinths have a strong fragrance, if you like and can tolerate the smell, they’re a good choice to be grown as houseplants. Offer them a bright, airy spot with plenty of sunshine. Since this is already March now, it’s better for you to grab one from the nursery or the florist. Usually, we plant the bulb in the autumn. And you’re in warm areas, you can even plant it in winter.

When you take the new plant home, you may consider re-pot it(see our decorating plastic flower pot ). In terms of the soil, use standard good-quality sterile potting soil. The planter shown below is our self-watering planter, consisting of two pots. The inner pot with protruding sticks is designed for roots to grow. Thus the plant can absorb water from the water reservoir, which makes it a longer watering break. The water-level indicator shows how much water is left in the reservoir.

decorating plastic flower pot

The hyacinths are easy to grow. Remember to put them under cool and bright conditions, as too much heat will lead to flopping over. Hence, just keep them away from heat sources.

Take Leizisure as your partner!

Holding the belief in environmental protection, Leizisure uses eco-friendly materials to produce all of our products. One of the materials is polypropylene, abbreviated as PP. Choose us and we’ll offer you the most competitive price. The advantage of plastic is the lightweight, which is kind to sea freight. To know more products from Leizisure, you can visit our Alibaba shop or click the WhatsApp button to contact us. If you’re always busy and have little time to care for your plants, then our self-watering planter will be your helper.



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