Potted Gardening in Balcony or Patio


Plants are great natural decor to vitalize an area. It would be even more surprising to grow some edible plants by yourself! Just imagine walking into a garden with lush herbs and a pathway draped in vegetables. I believe a sense of satisfaction will come into your mind. Just as the saying goes, you reap what you sow. People love the joy of harvest after their efforts. It’s also a good idea to grow potted veggies, herbs, and fruits on your balcony. Here Leizisure, a gardening brand of the Chinese plastic pot manufacturer Shengerda, offers you some ideas on balcony or patio plant growing~

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Grow with Leizisure stackable planters

Leizisure 5-tier stackable planters provide chances for planting enthusiasts to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs in spite of confined space. The number of ‘individual’ pots per tier is 3, of which the structure is very stable and it provides enough room for the roots of each plant to spread. Let Leizisure(plastic pot manufacturer) make your planting fun and convenient.

Plants combination is fairly amazing and fascinating, especially for those DIY lovers. When it comes to combining several kinds of plants, soil sorts should be considered. The separate tiers allow you to place plants with similar growing habits together. Fill the planter with slightly acidic soil, rich in organic matter and holds the moisture well, and some sand that helps drain well.

Grow these easy-to-care veggies and herbs 

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients. It does have special flavors when eating raw or being cooked. I love tomatoes, how about you? They are essential for delicious marinara sauces, stews, blended raw salads, raw salad dressings, salad toppings, and sandwiches. Homegrown tomatoes are much tastier, sweeter, and fresher than store-bought.

You can even use the onions you buy at the grocery store to grow your own green onions. Put the white bottoms in a glass of water on a windowsill with a tiny bit of green above the water. You’ll be growing new green tops in a few days. Replace the water every few days. You can keep them going like this for weeks, or maybe months.

Oregano is one of the simplest woody herbs to grow. It is the most forgiving one compared with other woody herbs including lavender, thyme, rosemary, and sage. You can grow oregano indoors if it’s by a super-sunny window and stays warm.



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