Stackable Gardening Pots


Limited by the house space, growing various types of plants seems difficult and impractical, while vertical container gardening and stackable planters make it possible. Keeping different plants in one set stackable pots indoor enables you a stereoscopic vision and adds vitality to your room.


Space-Saving Home Design

Leizisure 5-tier stackable planters help planting enthusiasts save space when gardening indoors, outdoors, or on the balcony with vertical growing. The number of ‘individual’ pots per tier is 3, of which the structure is very stable. And it provides enough room for roots of each plant to spread. Plants combination is fairly amazing and fascinating, especially for those DIY lovers. When it comes to combine several kinds of plants, soil sorts should be considered. The separate tiers allow gardeners to place plants with similar growing habits together. Fill the planter with slightly acidic soil, rich in organic matter and holds the moisture well, and some sand that help drain well.

hanging stackable pots
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Stack together, grow more

The planter is perfect for holding up to 15 different plants, herbs or flowers. Ideal for growing fresh herbs in the kitchen or creating your own little balcony greenhouse in an apartment, this 5-tier stackable planter makes it easier to stack, manage, water, and grow healthy plants in smaller living areas. In most cases, gardeners grow one plant per pot, but when growing smaller plants, it is possible to grow 3-4 or even more plants per single pot. For example, strong, vigorous strawberries require larger pots and are often grown one plant per pot. On the other hand, several smaller alpine strawberries or pineberries can be planted in every single pot, increasing the number of plants per tier.

Stack higher

It’s also possible to pile a higher height as you like, to stack more than 5 tiers, but in this case, you’d better use some sort of additional support to prevent any accidents. It is also optional to use this planter as hanging planter on suitable place using strong chain. With a trickle-down system, it helps conserve water. Simply water the top tier pots and the moisture will reach lower tiers, too. During summer heat, be sure to observe plants in lower tiers and if necessary, water them directly.

Apart from indoor decoration, it also performs well in outdoor growing. Crafted with a heavy-duty plastic, these reusable planters are fade-and-crack resistant to hot summer days and inclement weather. Perfect for decks, patios, or porches.


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