Growing Blueberries in Pots


You might don’t know that November is a rewarding time to plant trees and shrubs, for most root growth happens when the air is cooler than the soil. Robust root growth is crucial for young trees and shrubs to have a strong start.

Juicy blueberries are not just delicious. They’re high in nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. If it’s given the right soil, this plant is relatively easy to grow. Take action to grow blueberries bushes in pots on your own! Read on to see more about it.


When to plant

In general, blueberry shrubs are planted in the early-to-mid spring. In growing zones 6 and higher, they can also be planted in the late fall. Selecting a tree or shrub of three-year-old is wise because they grow at a slow or moderate speed. And three-year-old shrubs might produce a small harvest.

grow blueberries bushes in pots

Where to grow

A sunny, sheltered spot is preferred. Blueberries are shade tolerant but the tatsty fruits are obtained in the sun. In the meanwhile, they should not be exposed to harsh, drying winds.


Soil condition

Blueberries love acidic soil. It will grow well in areas where you successfully grow other acid-lovers, like camellias. So if you’re unsure whether the soil is sufficiently acidic, plant the blueberry trees into large containers of ericaceous potting mix.


Fertilising regularly

Regularly feed your blueberries with liquid fertiliser made for acid-loving plants. Mulching plants with acidic organic material such as leaf mold, or pine needles is also great, but don’t use manure, which is too rich.

Choose Leizisure to grow blueberries bushes in pots

Pick up a decorative planter for growing blueberry bushes in pots from Leizisure. A flowerpot with drainage holes at the bottom is important, for it allows water to drain freely and keeps plants healthy. Leizisure self-watering flowerpot helps you better grow your plant.

Recently we’ve launched some new arrivals, for this one is goreous to be placed in living room, patio, hall, garden etc. The minimalism style goes fairly well with various furnishing styles. This cylinder/ cone shaped planter has clean silhouette and the surface is baking varnished. Different sizes and colors are offered to pick up.

high-quality plastic flowerpot

The self-watering system frees your hand from daily watering. It would be okay if you forget to water your plant for several days because the water reservoir at the planter’s bottom stores water for plant to drink. With over 17 years’ experience in manufacturing plastic flowerpots, our company has developed a number of series of plant pots. See more products by visiting our web. Know more information, just feel free to talk with us!

decorative plant pot



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