Growing Strawberry Plants in Pots


Vertical garden offers you great chances to make creative gardening designs. Also growing plants in a vertical way saves space. With the help of hanging planters, railing flowerpots and stackable pots, it’s easy for you to create an amazing vertical garden indoor or outdoor.

Herbs, succulents and some climbing plants are suitable to grow, because they can sprawl around these planters, hanging down beautifully. Strawberry is a kind of vine. So why not grow some strawberries in your hanging basket? This juicy and sweet fruit needs less care and you don’t have to be so professional. Here we prepare some tips for you on growing strawberry plants in pots.

How to take care of strawberries

You can buy disease-resistant plants from a reliable nursery. Put them in a sunny place because they love and need lots of light. And if possible, it is good to move them during the day to take advantage of changing sunlight. Although they like sunlight, being exposed to direct midday sunlight can cause damage to them. Strawberries do best in temps from 70-85 F. (21-29 C.)

When they are producing fruit, it’s better to water them daily in the morning. And remember to keep them guarded from extreme weather conditions and wind. Soil of high nutrients that drains well is preferred. Plus, fertilizing is necessary, for they need a lot of energy to produce fruits. Add sphagnum moss around the base of the plants to keep the soil from washing out.

Growing strawberry plants in pots

Let’s build an interesting vertical planter for your strawberries like this if you have a garden! The materials are simple, including a steel rebar (or wood stick) and several flowerpots with drainage holes like terracotta pots. You should measure the height of all the pots to determine the length of your rebar and use a hacksaw to cut it. And then use a hammer to pound the rebar into the ground at least two feet down so that it can hold your heavy pots steadily. Next, thread your pots onto the rebar and fill with soil. Tilt each pot from right to left(pictures are attached below for you to refer to), filling with soil. After finishing it, just plant your strawberries in.

If it’s difficult for you to get steel rebar, it can be replaced by wood stick. But you may worry that the wood stick isn’t strong enough to hold heavy flowerpots, we advice you to choose plastic clay pots, which is of light weight and cheap price.

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