Winter Patio Plants and Pots


Winter is often regarded as “down time” in the garden or your patio, with little to do but wait until spring. Not exactly. There are a lot of plants can grow well in wintertime. And you can choose our plastic barrel plant pot to display your loving greenery, for it matches the surroundings and performs greatly under low temperature.

Choose right winter plant pots

Before plant, remember to check that your pots are ready for winter too. Clay or terracotta pots tend to crack in frost. Thus please avoid using these for your outdoor displays and look for frost-proof pots and containers. Plastic, fibreglass, wooden and treated terracotta and clay are all good materials for winter pots.

plastic barrel plant pot

Plastic whiskey barrel plant pot

Made of polypropylene, which is eco-friendly, Leizisure barrel plant pot resists frost and freezing. Its faux wood finish offers rustic appeal to your outdoor space. The lightweight design makes it easy to move around your garden. The barrel planter series has two products of different shapes. Each of them has 3 sizes. The top diameter of the biggest pot is 51cm and the height is 32cm. It’s great for housing large plants.

The whiskey barrel plant pot is attractive enough to be mistaken for real hardwood. It’s amazing to line them along the walkway, giving your patio a burst of greenery. Three colors are provided and if you want some other colors, contact us, we can customize it for you.

Best winter plants for patio

Bright summer blooms inevitably go away as the seasons shift. But the best winter plants for pots will bring life to your patio in spite of the colder days. Create a stunning cold-season garden with these plants!


The camellia showy flowers lighting up the patio in late winter. The blooms come in shades of pink, red and white, contrasting with their evergreen leaves. They need to be grown in well-drained acid soil, and if possible, you can water them with rainwater.

Japanese skimmia

Paired with glossy, evergreen leaves and bright red berries, Japanese skimmia adds gorgeous visual interest to a dull space. It’s a lovely and dense shrub. The female plants bear berries through December and into January.

Christmas rose

An evergreen and long-lasting plant, the Christmas rose has all the beauty of a wild white rose. And is much more robust when the weather worsens.



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