Home Decor with Diamond Plant Pot


 Planting can often be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Decorate your home with greenery will add natural beauty to the private space. Not only the plant itself brings difference, but also the flower pot you choose can be ornamental. For example, a diamond plant pot is a great object to grow your plant.


The diamond plant pot features baking varnished shiny and smooth surface of minimalist style. Its simple design makes it look unique and is able to be put in any scenes with several colors to opt for. Looking from different angles, you’ll see three to four facets of the planter like a gem stone, which has a strong sense of design.

diamond plant pot

Besides the baking varnished surface, the sandy matte one is available, too. The latter seems more composed and elegant. Its baking series has three colors, including white, coffee and smoky gray. The matte series has light gray, golden and black.


This flower pot is suitable to grow plants of medium and large sizes. Three sizes of this product are accessible to get, and each height is 19.6 inch, 24 inch and 32.2 inch. It’s also equipped with self-watering system and will help your plant to water itself. To know more about the system, see our previous articles.


Let’s see our Leizisure diamond plant pot in mobile phone taken pics. It’s at a corner of our factory’s sample room. The pot grown with Dracaena Marginata, also called dragon plant, is the smoky gray color. And the one on its left is golden. It’s just like a piece of furniture to decorate your house.

diamond flower pot in our sample room

The dragon plant

How do you like this high plant with slim stems and spiky leaves? The special appearance can’t be replaced by any other decorative objects. Place the dragon plant indoor is really amazing. If you want to grow it in your room, here are some basic info about it.

It is a very popular houseplant that typically grows to 6 feet tall or more over time unless pruned shorter. The plant is beginner friendly, because it’s drought tolerant and not that fussy about light conditions. Water it until the top half of the soil is completely dry. They will be happy with temperatures in the 70-80 degree F. range, and it doesn’t require a lot of humidity. And remember to keep your plant away from drafts and vents that could dry out the leaves.



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