What to Plant in January


Christmas passed and we’re going to embrace a new year. Time flies, and 2021 seems to be an unusual year. How’s your 2021? No matter what has happened, good or bad, we meet at the end of the year. With deep gratitude for everyone who have supported us, Leizisure hopes you a happy end of this year and a fresh and better start in 2022.

What can we do to get 2022 started off right? Maybe make a year-round to-do list, try something new, take a road trip etc. As plant lovers, we can sow some seeds and grow new green lives. Although the month of January might not be thought as a main gardening month and no matter where you live, planting flowers in January will take much work and care on your plant, but it can be handled. Sowing seeds in nursery pots or trays indoor can be one way.

Grow Lobelia in plastic hanging flower pots

The fascinating Lobelia plant has various types and is an annual or biennial herb. Relatively easy to grow, this plant can be grown from seeds. And it has variable colors ranging from white, blue, pink to red. The violet-blue is the most common one. Planting it in plastic hanging flower pots will give you an amazing ball-like bloom.

Lobelia in plastic hanging flower pots

The seeds are tiny and even dust-like. But don’t worry, it is easy to grow them. Here’ the guide to sow. First, spread the seeds on the surface of the compost and then sprinkle them. You don’t need to cover the seeds, as they need light to sprout. After sprinkling, you’d better softly firm the compost down.

The ideal surrounding temperature is between 18 to 24 Celsius. And it may take 14 to 20 days for them to sprout. Sow the seeds from January onwards, roughly seven weeks before you transplant the seedlings into Leizisure plastic hanging flower pots.

Another trick for germination is putting the seeds in a polythene bag. Because it’s a great way to keep them warm and moist.

Leizisure – your best supplier

Our factory has 17-year experience in manufacturing plastic plant pots, thus we have a range of planters, like hanging plant pot, self-watering planter, baking varnished pots etc. For growing lobelia, hanging basket is no wonder the best option. The pot showing below is of rattan surface, adding a rustic flair to your garden.

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