Leizisure Luxury Plant Pot


When it comes to plant pots, gallon pots are widely used in indoor and outdoor gardening, while a saucer is required for indoor container planting, otherwise you’ll take extra efforts to clean the wet and dirty area. Plus gallon pots are not that decorative compared with ceramic planters. Similarly, ceramic ones need saucers, too. Here is another problem, that is, the excess water sitting in the saucer is an ideal place for some insects to breed, like mosquitoes. Leizisure luxury plant pot with self-watering function is well-designed to avoid these problems.

This luxury plant pot has a minimalist look. Different from normal flower pots, this planter has a unique triangular shape with a matte finish. You may wonder what material it is made from. Adopted a baking varnished technique, it really looks like metal-made, but it’s a plastic pot! The raw material is eco-friendly PP, which is featured by durable and sturdy quality. Thus it must last long for indoor decoration. Additionally, the luxury plant pot has other colors available: white, coffee, red, etc. If you need a big number of pots, we can do OEM and ODM for you, as we are a factory manufacturer on our own.

Leizisure luxury plant pot

About Leizisure

If you’re interested in Leizisure, let me introduce a bit to you. Not only for the luxury plant pot, actually we have almost all kinds of plastic flowerpots. With above twenty years of experience in manufacturing, we have had thousands of molds by now. Since 2003, our company, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, has attended Canton Fair, which has promoted our foreign trade. We hope to meet you face to face through this platform. However, affected by the pandemic, it’s hard to make it, but thanks to the technology, we still have the chance to meet you online.

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Live-streaming shows are popular with people around the world. As online shopping has taken the market, buying goods from live shows is becoming a new shopping style. We began hosting live shows last year on an e-commerce platform, Alibaba. Tik Tok is a welcomed app around the globe, and we also have live shows on it(Chinese version). Welcome to watch our live shows, guys! There are a lot of discounts~ Besides the pots, other items like garden fences and watering cans are also available.

Leizisure garden fence

The luxury plant pot is composed of two planters and a water-level indicator. The inner bucket is used for growing plants and it’s designed with hidden handles, which make it convenient to take out the inner pot. Do you like our self-watering planter? Just leave your messages to us!

self-watering planter



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