Leizisure Stylish Plant Pot


June 1st is China’s Children’s day and what’s the exact date of your country? Childhood is a vital period in one’s life, if your role has turned into a parent already, how will you celebrate this day with your kids? Welcome to share your ideas with us! Our company, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, organizes a seedling planting activity for children of the staff. We provide watermelon seedlings, flowerpots, and soil for each family and encourage kids to grow by themselves. The parents will help to record the growth conditions by taking pictures and videos. Those who cultivate the watermelon flower at first will be awarded a Leizisure raised garden bed(a stylish plant pot for garden decor and a practical one to grow vegetables, you may see the picture attached below).

By the way, do you know what is grown inside this planter? They’re cucumbers! This photo is taken around a month ago and now I’ve already tasted the fresh vegetable~ Our colleague sows the seeds in April and we enjoy their fruits in May.

Besides it, we’ve grown other veggies like eggplants, carrots, tomatoes, etc. The rooftop garden is half a vegetable farm. Have you tried planting vegetables or fruits? If not, this stylish plant pot with large space is an ideal container for you to get started!

Indoor stylish plant pot

Above all, we see Leizisure vegetable planter, a popular pot for balcony and outdoor use. Next, let’s see another indoor stylish plant pot, also named diamond flower pot. This item is from Leizisure self-watering series. With three sizes available, it’s nice to grow some large plants like shrubs. Would you like to take the Bird of Paradise into your living room? It’s novel and gorgeous enough to illuminate your inner space with its large fanned leaves.

The self-watering stylish plant pot is composed of an outer container, an inner buck with hidden handles, and a water-level indicator. These enable a sub-irrigation system for plants to grow up. Beneficially, you don’t have to worry about watering when you’re out for a business trip or something else. The system promotes the plant to grow water roots so that it can absorb water moisture from the water reservoir. To know more about self-watering, we suggest you read our previous articles~

Self-watering pots are Leizisure featured products, and we also produce normal plant pots like nursery pots and gallon pots. Some accessories like garden fences and watering can also be available!



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