Stylish Furnishing–A Plant Curtain


Refresh your home and life

Do you have a bright, sunny window that looks a bit bare? Then a living green plant curtain can be an amazing ornament for your window. What is a green curtain? A green curtain is simply a curtain made of plants like vines.

Imagine that everyday you leave home or return home from work, you’ll always see a window waterfall of green, which may light up your day or fresh your mind. Besides, these plant curtain gardens can be grown in a wide range of places: indoors, outdoors and on small apartment balconies.

The concept of green plant curtain is certainly not new, and the creation of living plant curtains has gained popularity in recent years. Vines have long been used to create visual interest to arbors, arches, and the sides of structures. If you want to add color to an area, take advantage of vertical space or create privacy between neighbors, there is no doubt that a green curtain garden will be a good option. It helps filter light, purify the air and add a gorgeous living artwork to your space. The green plant curtain offers additional enjoyment to your home and can be quite useful for cooling in regions which receive especially hot weather.

How to plant a green plant curtain

First, assess your space. Living plant curtain requires a quality growing medium and a location that receives full sun. It’s important to ensure that the window you choose is not too drafty or cold, especially in the winter as this could cause the plants to die. Second, just be sure that the curtain rod is sturdy enough to hold the weight of several plants hanging off it.

Also, choosing the right plant type is vital when growing a curtain made of plants. Though annual vining plants are very popular, those who want to create a more permanent structure may choose to grow perennial plants. Vining or trailing houseplants work well indoors.

For the flower pots, hanging plastic pot is suitable and make sure the container is large enough for root growth. Drainage holes will also be a necessity, as standing water in containers may lead to the decline of plants. Leizisure hanging pot allows you to enjoy plants from different angles. With a rounded form and rattan look, the pot made of plastic goes well with refined interior spaces. The pot consists of two parts, the inner container and the outer cover. The inner container has a drainage hole which allows water to drain freely and keeps plants healthy. It comes with a sleek stainless steel wire for hanging.

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