Living Room Decor with Plants


What’s the furnishing style of your house? Your living room can always give the answer. The interior design shows the taste of a house owner. The living room is the place where the family spend much of their time at home, chatting and entertaining. It’s where we relax and decompress ourselves after a long day work from office. Greenery has been a widely popularized choice for people to decorate their space. Whatever the styles are, plants are inclusive and various enough to fit in and bring the outside in, adding a hint of vitality.

Here are the ways on how to decorate an indoor plant in living room:

Large plants

There would always be unoccupied space beside sofa or TV, on which you could place large-sized ornament plants and also medium-sized potted plants. Different sizes make it diversified with layers. It will look amazing if done appropriately. Here are some of the plants to try out: fiddle leaf fig, money tree, olive tree, rubber plant, bird of paradise, etc. For flower pots, Leizisure large self-watering pots with wooden legs, the diamond surface series or the high cylinder type are fairly suitable. Both the function and appearance are competitive among various pots. The self-watering system, as an planting assistant, can lower your watering frequency and helps plant look after itself when you are on vacation or a business trip.

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Hanging plants

Considering the limited room of a house, taking advantage of the vertical space is wise. As plant enthusiasts look to save valuable floor space by getting their plants up and off the ground, hanging gardens are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are hanging gardens practical, but they are a great way to spice up your interior decor. Sure, you could just hang your plants from hooks on the ceiling. You could simply buy some small plants like succulents or vines, which may grow into a gorgeous green waterfall in the front of your window. Customizing flower pots or DIY would be unique and cool so as to match the style of your furnishing .

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Using a bench or shelf

Pick a bench or shelf to furnish your living room by decorating with different types of plants on it. But dedicating an entire shelf to particularly place plants might look bland and boring. Instead, you can mix it and use it for keeping books, decoration pieces and many more.

Spruce up your living space with beautiful indoor plants!

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