Tropical Style Home Decor Idea


One of the features of tropical design is the use of oversized foliage like banana leaves and palm leaves. Their distinctive shapes make a vibrant statement in your home. Wallpaper with leaf patterns also brings a lush color indoor. If you’re looking to add a tropical vibe to your home, nothing beats an Areca Palm. Display this tree in Leizisure large decorative plant pot to reshape the interior design.

Get close to the acrea palm

This plant, native to Madagascar, is known as butterfly palm, golden cane palm, bamboo palm, or its Latin name, Dypsis lutescens. With deep green leaves arching from the stem, it is one of the few palms that will tolerate some lower light levels. But it still needs moderate to high light to thrive. Plus the tropical greenery enjoys a reputation for filtering out air pollutants.

Sold both as a fast-growing outdoor plant for warm climates and an inexpensive, easy to care for indoor plant, the bamboo palm produces yellow flowers during the summer months when grown outdoor. But it does not bloom as a houseplant.

indoor self-watering planter

There is no doubt that the palm can improve your furnishing style with its tropical flair, while an ornamental plant pot is also an important factor. If you’re ready to grow your own, consider picking up a proper large decorative plant pot for it.

Leizisure large decorative plant pot

Owned by Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, Leizisue possesses a range of plastic flowerpots, including self-watering planter, rattan series, baking finish pot, hanging pot etc.

These planters shown in the pictures belongs to self-watering pots, which actually has two pots – the inner bucket and the outer container. The irrigation system imitates the model that a plant grows in nature. When you’re away from home for a period of time, plant watering may trouble you. After all, no one wants to see their loving greenery wilted after they come back home.

The self-watering pot can store water at the bottom of the outer container. When a new plant gets adapt to it, the plant is able to drink water from the reservoir. That is to say, with the help of the irrigation system, watering frequency can be lowered. Showing strength both in appearance and function, our quality plant pot is made of eco-friendly PP plastic.



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