Christmas Plant Gift and Planter


Christmas is a time when people come together and celebrate all of the good parts of life. It seems like the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas get busier every year. So have you prepared your gifts yet? If not, why not consider plant gift and picking up a decorative Christmas flower pots from Leizisure?

Christmas plants for your option

Poinsettias with their Santa-red petals are America’s go-to holiday plant. Originating from Mexico and with over eight million plants sold in the UK every year, poinsettia is the ultimate Christmas decoration in the home.

Poinsettias in Pots

This ebullient plant won’t occupy too much of your time to care for it.  When the Christmas is over, you are free to pop yours on the compost heap or use as a cut flower, or you can try to get your poinsettia to bloom again for the following year.

How to buy poinsettia

Here we offer you some tips on how to buy a healthy and flouring poinsettias. First, when shopping in a supermarket, you’d better not buy a poinsettia sitting next to a set of automatic doors that open every 30 seconds, because it will have been damaged by winds. In spite that it’s not visible at the beginning, it may cause the plant to drop leaves soon after being brought home.

A healthy poinsettia plant will have intact bracts. If the little yellow buds between the coloured bracts still look tight, then you shall purchase it.

Ornamental Christmas Flower pots

Leizisure self-watering planter is a useful helper to care for your plant and an amazing decor to your inner space. With glossy and smooth finish, the plastic pot looks like a ceramic plant pot.

cute self-watering planters

Different from original pots, we’ve developed a series of unique shapes. For instance, this one is like a small boat. To see more Christmas flower pots, you can visit our online shops.

Besides the poinsettia, Amaryllis is more vibrant and easier to grow.


FAQs about Amaryllis

Amaryllis in full bloom are a sight to behold and a quintessential part of winter and holiday decor.

Are amaryllis easy to grow?

Yes, for all their spectacular beauty, amaryllis are one of the easiest plants to grow. Pot up the bulb, give it a little water, and watch one of nature’s miracles!

Is amaryllis a perennial or annual?

They are perennial in their native tropical and subtropical regions. In cold climates the bulbs are brought indoors and coaxed into winter bloom.

How often does an amaryllis bloom?

The plant generally blooms once a year. There may be several flower stalks that bloom in succession, so the show may last for many weeks.



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