Grow ZZ Plant with Leizisure Planter


Leizisure offers you manifold ornamental houseplant pots to grow ZZ plants. A greenery grown in a decorative flowerpot will absolutely add a natural beauty to home space.

What does ZZ represent?

ZZ is the abbreviation of Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Since the botanical name is not that easy to pronounce and remember, a lot of people simply name it ZZ. You might wonder whether it’s easy to grow or not, and the answer is definitely yes. Like snake plant, it has become popular among plant growers, as it doesn’t require pampering or an ideal growing condition. Originated from Africa, it’s also called Zanzibar gem. Displaying the stunning foliage in Leizisure houseplant pots of rattan series brings a great visual interest indoor.

ZZ plant in houseplant pots

This exotic plant can flourish with a modicum of care and it can bear neglect under low light for months. Its glossy and oval-shaped leaves are as tough as nail. Interestingly, with a waxy coating, this greenery is similar to a faux plant, resembling those made of plastic. It’s a commonplace for people to regard it as an artificial plant.


How to care for the ZZ in houseplant pots

Bright light is great but not essential. As mentioned above, the ZZ can tolerate lower indirect light. It thrives in medium to bright indirect light. When it comes to watering, water it every 2-3 weeks. Avoid overwatering. Let the soil dry out before next watering. In terms of fertilizing, it’s better to feed it with a liquid fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer.


Choose Leizisure as your supplier

Founded in 1989, our factory is experienced in manufacturing plastic flowerpots and provides medium-to-high-grade flower planters of over a thousand models and various colors. Leizisure is the self-owned brand of Shengerda and we’re enthusiastic about growing plants. Thus we’ve put efforts on designing self-watering planter so as to help plant lovers better look after their loving greenery.

Holding the belief of environmental protection, our factory uses eco-friendly PP plastic to produce pots. The houseplant pots are durable and sturdy. With a strict quality control mechanism, our factory produces high-quality planters. To know more products and get quote, just contact us or visit our Alibaba shop.



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