Grow Pilea in Ornamental Plant Pot


The pilea peperomioides is much loved for its almost perfectly round leaves, and is also called the Chinese money plant. It’s one of the most welcomed greenery in the household plants list. Read on to see how to care for it and choose an ornamental plant pot for this cute plant.

Leizisure boat-shaped table planter

Pick some beautiful and cute self-watering planters for your plants to enrich your interior decoration. Leizisure self-watering plant pot is well-made and of high quality. Here’s one kawaii small pot for you. It looks like a boat and its dumpy appearance gives a lovable feeling. This item features baking varnished finish, shiny and pretty.

cute self-watering planters

Teacup flowerpot

Different from other ordinary plant pots, the teacup shaped pot is popular to customers because of its unique design. This ornamental plant pot is equipped with self-watering system, making it easier for plant parents to care for their potted plant. Being put on the table, I bet you’ll regard it as a real teacup. So it can naturally integrate into the scenes like kitchen, and coffee shop.

teacup plant pot


Besides the above mentioned two pots, there are various decorative  planters for your choice in Leizisure. View more information through our official website or Tmall or Alibaba shop.


Caring for Pilea

The Chinese money plant, as its name suggest, it’s naturally found in southern China at the foot of the Himalayas where there is a mild climate. Actually, it doesn’t require much maintainence.

Pilea is beginners firendly as the plant is fairly forgiving of neglect. But treat it well and it will reward you with fast growth, glossy green leaves and lots of babies at the base. It’s a great joy to receive these gifts.

The Chinese money plant will be happy being slightly dry, that is to say, it will not like to be kept damp. When you find that its leaves droop lower than usual and looks a little wilted, it’s telling you to water them. Water them once or twice a week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter.

When it comes to light, they prefer indirect light. Too much direct sunlight may burn the leaves, while too little light can cause the plant becoming rather straggly with sparse leaves and even turning yellow. It is a good idea to regularly rotate your plant so that it can grow evenly, creating a lovely round-form plant.



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