Mini Planters for Succulents  



Succulents are very popular because of their low maintenance and natural charm. Even those who have little time to take care of plants welcome these plants in their houses. Today let’s get close to this cute, fleshy plant and we’ll recommend you some cute mini planters for succulents.



With a large family like cactus, stonecrop and aloe, succulents cover a range of types. Thus they can make lovely potted plants, landscape plants, house decors, table arrangements and so on. For those greenery lovers who live in apartments and have limited space to put kinds of plants indoor, small and mini succulents can be the best option to display at home.

Here’s our Leizisure mini planters for succulents. This flower pot looks like an egg. Its oval and dumpy shape looks lovely. When you put them together, it’s like a palette of sweet candy. We provide two sizes for your choice: The diameter is 7cm or 10.5cm, and the height is 6.8cm or 9.5cm.


Although it’s small, the planter can be separate into two parts by twisting it. The upper one is where to save soil and moss. The bottom pot helps to store water. Or if you’re worried that the water running in it may lead to root rot, it’s quite convenient for you to twist it out and pour away the water.

Plus, it’s widely known that most succulents are easy to reproduce. One of the most common way is to put their leaves on the soil. Leave it for several days, it will take root and grow to be a new plant. This mini succulent plant pot is great for reproducing. When the plant grows, you don’t have to repot it. 

Ornamental succulents

There has been growing interest in the ornamental production of succulents. These plants have thick stems or leaves, which helps them store water in climates with little rainfall. They are often found grown in dry regions. Thanks to their characteristics that are tolerant to drought, they can almost survive anywhere. So in other words, it’s hard to kill them unless one decides to overwater them.

These plants have various colors and can be combined together creatively. How special! But these mini planting won’t last forever. So if you want it to grow up, replant it in bigger pots.



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