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If you’re looking for an ornamental plant pot, Leizisure white plastic plant pots would be your perfect choice. You may look through pages of webs to select an ideal planter. There are various types of flowerpots like wooden pot, ceramic pot, cement/stone pot, terracotta pot, etc. Here we recommend you Leizisure self-watering planter. Just read on to see why!

These white plastic plant pots are Leizisure featured products – the self-watering planters. When I see them at the first sight, I was wondering: Are they made from ceramic or plastic? They’re plastic pots! Made from eco-friendly PP plastic, the pots won’t cause any harm to health. It’s great to display this planter in the room and you’ll find that it can fit well with nearly all the furnishing styles. It’s amazing.

white plastic plant pots

In addition to the orderly and elegant appearance, the white plastic plant pots have an advantage in self-watering function. That is to say, it helps you lower the watering frequency. Once your loving greenery gets adapted to the plant pot, they will teach themselves to absorb water from the water reservoir. So what is the water reservoir?

Whats the water reservoir

self-watering planter

The blue part is the “water reservoir”. Commonly, the self-watering flowerpots (white plastic plant pots) have two pots in total – the outer container and the inner bucket. The space between the black inner pot and the outer white pot is called the reservoir. As its name tells, it’s used for storing water. When you water into the inner pot, you should notice the water-level indicator (the transparent tube installed on the pot). The red stick inside the indicator will go up when filling water into the reservoir.

water-level indicator

Plus you can see in the picture that there are two words, the max, and the min. If you’re a green hand in planting and gardening and don’t know how much water and when you should water your plants, this design will definitely help you out. When the indicator reads “max”, it means you should stop watering. Don’t let the stick go over the “max”, which may lead to root rot. When it reads “min”, it reminds you to water again. But we suggest you do not fill the water as soon as it shows “min”. It’s better to wait for 2-5 days according to different plants’ habit.

Limited by the length of the article, to know more info about Leizisure and self-watering planter, you can visit our self-watering or news page! And visit our Alibaba online shop to see our manifold products!




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