Decorative Teacup Flower Pot for Table


What kind of flower pot would you choose to decorate your indoor space? Commonly, when think of flower pot, an image of terracotta plant pot comes into my mind. What about you? The impression that pots left to us is always of round or square shape. But today we invite you to see our Leizisure teacup flower pot. Different from other ordinary plant pots, the teacup shaped pot is popular to customers because of its unique design.

 Teacup Flower Pot for Table

CP-01/02/03 teacup flower pot is equipped with self-watering system, making it easier for plant parents to care for their potted plant. It features baking varnished surface and resists scratches and dirt. Being put on the table, I bet you’ll regard it as a real teacup. So it’s quite suitable to be placed on your kitchen table, desk or tea table.

teacup flower pot from Leizisure

Various colors available

The colors are as shown below: white, gray, red, apple green and orange. We also welcome OEM, colors can be customized.

colorful teacup flower pot

How self-watering system works?

The CP-01/02/03 teacup flower pot is mainly composed of two parts: the outer container and inner bucket. The tube stuck in the outer pot is named water level indicator. When you grow your plant, put some substrate at the bottom of the bucket and then fill it with soil. Firstly you need about 30-45 days to let your plant get adapted to this planter. In this period, you should water your plant as usual. After these days, you can water in accordance with the indicator. When the red stick rises to the max line, just stop watering.The stick may get down under the min line in 10-20 days, after which you should water again. So this can indeed tell you when to water and how much you should water. A great assistant for caring your greenery!

Why opt for Leizisure?

Leizisure is a self-owned brand of Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, which specialized in manufacturing high-quality flower pots. Our company provides a wide range of series for you. Totally we have two factories. With more than 17-year experience in producing planters, we have the confidence that you can pick up the flower pot you like.

If you want to know more information about our products, just don’t hesitate to contact us. We have Alibaba shop and Tmall shop online, visit our shops to see more.




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