Butterfly Orchid Buying and Watering Guide


Phalaenopsis plants, also called butterfly orchids, are an excellent long-lasting gift to any space. The elegant flowers go well with both a contemporary or classic setting. It has a much longer shelf life than cut flowers, which allows you enjoy its beauty for a long time. But you may be puzzled about how to pick the orchids when buying and don’t know how to care for your new potted friend as a beginner. We’ve listed a few quick tips below to help you select and care for your new plant! And choose a suitable orchid flower pot for your phalaenopsis!

Things you need to notice when buying

Go to your local bird and flower market or some shops where there are many orchid plants for you to select from. Look for leaves and blooms that are firm. Leaves should not be wrinkly, soft, or droopy. So does the open blooms. These should be wide open and crisp. And it’s better not   touch the flowers because they are quite delicate and can bruise easily. Plus, a plant with unopened buds will last longer, so generally, look for a plant with about 3-4 unopened buds. The buds should be firm and green and not wrinkly or yellowing.

butterfly orchid

Caring for Your orchids

Choose a great substrate

Orchids are potted plants whose roots do not connect firmly to the ground, but only sit there. So the substrate you use should be loose, easily providing support for the plants and helping them absorb enough moisture. Anyone who starts growing orchid should first get the finished plant substrate from specialist retailers. Experienced orchid breeders can mix together the right substrate, which can prevent root rot and does not enrich it too much with the salts from the fertilizer.

Watering less

There’s a common misunderstanding that because orchids are tropical plants they love water very much. It’s wrong. Phalaenopsis orchids should only be watered when the potting medium (the stuff around the roots in the pot) becomes dry to the touch. Poke a finger into the potting medium and if it’s dry give your plant some water, otherwise just leave it be. Orchid pots should never be left to sit in a pool of water as this drowns the roots and eventually leads to root rot.

orchid butterfly

Try this butterfly orchid pot

Leizisure on-trend plant pot GQ1/2 possesses clean appearance with baking varnished surface. Its simple design perfectly matches the elegance of orchids, giving a pleasing visual interest for you.

Leizisure flower pot GQ1/2

various colors



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