Leizisure Self-watering Window Box


When we talk about balcony decoration, what comes to your mind at the first time? Plants must be a nice option. Just go nature’s way. Leizisure garden bed, hanging basket, wall planter, and self-watering window box can be helpful tools to bring natural beauty indoors and outdoors.

You can also put a small tea table, several chairs, and a pretty little rag on your balcony, arranging it as a relaxing place to have afternoon tea with your family or friends. Plants, together with a self-watering window box will definitely elevate and illuminate your balcony.

self-watering window box

Self-watering window box

Made of durable PP plastic, these plant pots shown in the pictures feature different finishes and styles. The rattan-like finish is typically popular and fits in various decor styles. I feel like it’s made of natural rattan at the first sight. Isn’t it gorgeous? And the planter of ceramic texture is of minimalism, simple but showing a sense of art.

Which one do you prefer? Both of them are equipped with a self-watering system. They’re composed of two main parts: inner pot and outer pot. The area between these two pots is called a water reservoir, providing water for plants to draw. And the water level indicator makes it even more convenient for you to water your plants.

Flowers like viola are perfect to grow in the self-watering window box. Colorful blooms will create a special view in winter for your balcony. Unlike terracotta pots, this plastic box has the advantage of not deteriorating when it suffers from frost or freeze. For outdoor use, this box is durable. Its color won’t fade away easily because of sunlight or rain.

As an experienced flowerpot manufacturer and supplier, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, the owner of Leizisure, is enthusiastic about growing plants. Thus we’ve put efforts into designing the self-watering system of the planter so as to help plant lovers better look after their loving greenery.


Holding the belief in environmental protection, our factory uses eco-friendly PP plastic to produce pots. Garden potting requires a durable and sturdy planter that can drain well. With a strict quality control mechanism, our factory manufactures high-grade outdoor pots & planters.

Leizisure firmly upholds the principle of manufacturing quality plastic flowerpots. We believe that win-win cooperation is vital. To know more info about Leizisure, you can visit our online shops or official web.



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