Grow Fruits on Your Own!


Do you like eating fruits? What kind of fruits do you like? Fruits like berries are juicy and tasty and full of vitamins. But have you ever thought of planting fruits by yourself? Actually, some fruits and vegetables are relatively easy to grow in your home garden. With the help of Leizisure large plastic garden pots, you’ll reap delicious fruits!

strawberry plant in Leizisure large plastic garden pots

Leizisure large plastic garden pots

This raised garden bed is designed with large space and the height is proper for you to plant and sow. When it’s delivered, the four legs will be taken out and put into the planting box. The planter has three colors – gray, coffee, and white. Which one do you like best?

Leizisure raised garden bed

Equipped with a water-level indicator, it’s fairly convenient to know when you should water the plants. You might wonder how the indicator works. Let me tell you~ You can see in the picture that there are two red lines on the transparent tube. The upper line is the max line and the lower one is the minimum line. When watering, you should notice the red stick inside the tube. The stick will rise as you water into the planter. Please note that when it reaches the “max”, just stop watering. The “max” means the water reservoir has enough water.

sketch map of the planter

The large plastic garden pots have been welcomed by a lot of our customers. They put them on the balcony, garden, patio, and so on. Each of the flowerpots has a soil separator(the mat with holes and water-absorbing sticks at the bottom). The roots will grow through the separator to absorb moisture from the water reservoir. When planting, we suggest you put a layer of hydro ceramsite balls on the separator so as to avoid root rot and help moisture spread evenly in the soil.

Try planting some fruits and vegetables on your own! It’s also a joyful activity that you can do with your kids. Sow the seeds and reap together. And you can click the video below to see how to install it!

Plus we’ll host live shows on the platforms like Alibaba and Tik Tok(Chinese version), in which we offer you the best price and you can talk with us! The live streaming is often held in our sample room, just contact us and join our live show!



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