Smarten up Your Garden


Would you like to update your outdoor space at the beginning of the Spring? If it is, you may start to plan now! We’re in China and it’s really cold these days. What’s the weather like in your place? Once it’s getting warmer, we will have a garden makeover. Our factory has a rooftop garden in the office building. The gardener grows vegetables and kinds of flowers there. And the plastic outdoor plant pots really help a lot.

Sowing seeds might be the most economical way to add vitality to the garden. It’s fun to plant some vegetables and fruits by yourself. If you’re looking for a container to grow vegetables, Leizisure raised garden bed can definitely satisfy your need! Designed with four legs, this plant pot looks neat and elegant.

plastic outdoor plant pots

The plastic outdoor plant pots are made from PP plastic, an eco-friendly material. It’s durable and strong and the color won’t fade away easily because of sunlight and rain. It stands so steadily on the ground that even you can sit on it. Watch the video below and see how to install this planter when you receive it!

What is Leizisure?

Leizisure is a brand owned by Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation and has a range of plastic flowerpots. With 17 years of experience in manufacturing planters, we’ve developed dozens of styles, covering sandy finish, rattan finish, stone/cement-like appearance, baking varnished surface, etc.

These two plastic outdoor plant pots shown in the picture are our rattan series and the diamond series. Do you like them? Leave your comment and let us know~ To see more products, you can visit our Alibaba shop or the official web. Plus we often have live shows on Alibaba. We usually show the factory, visit the warehouse and the workshop. If you’re interested in our company, just contact us!

In addition to some ordinary pots, Leizisure has railing planters. Colorful blooms on the handrail create a unique scene for the garden. In winter, you can grow violas and pansies inside. In spring and autumn, trailing succulents like the string of pearls, the string of pearls are great options to plant. Grow ivy plant and inch plant in the plastic outdoor plant pots will give you a natural curtain draping over the handrail. I’m looking forward to the coming of Spring!

leizisure railing planter



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