Self-watering Garden Bed for Hydrangea


Hydrangea wins its status in the shrub world by its immense flower heads. The colorful flowers are certainly optimal plants for garden sites. You can grow it as a shrub border or just grow it in flower pots. Today we provide you the guide to take care of this attractive flower. See the hydrangea in Leizisure self-watering garden bed!

Some of you may worry that hydrangea is picky to growing conditions, while this elegant plant is actually low maintenance. Easy to cultivate and adapted to most types of soil, it blooms fully in response to even little care. Plus the vibrant colors are special, you’ll see different colors on a single plant. So if you don’t have this gorgeous shrub in your garden, take action and bring one home! Or some of you may don’t have a garden, try this self-watering garden bed! This raised planter makes gardening convenient in the balcony.

self-watering garden bed

Here we offer you some tips. When growing hydrangeas, remember to space them anywhere from 3 to 10 feet apart, relying on the specific types and the size. In terms of soil, well-draining soil is preferred, for it loves to receive plenty of moisture. It’s better to add compost to enrich poor soil. Water them at a rate of 1 inch weekly during the growing season.

Leizisure raised garden pot

This self-watering garden bed has a proper height. The plants can easily take a sunbath on your balcony! Consisting of a large rectangular box, four legs, a water-level indicator, and a soil separator mat, this plant pot has a self-watering function. You can see a lot of holes on the mat and there are some protruding sticks at the bottom of it. These sticks and holes aim at making this planter a well-draining one and it’s effective to avoid root rots. Made from sturdy PP material, it has a high quality. This eco-friendly plastic is safe for you to grow fruits and veggies inside! It’s also an ideal pot to cultivate seedlings, for it has a lid, which can create a small greenhouse.

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