See Leizisure Plastic Flower Tubs


Iris Murdoch said, “Of course reading and thinking are important but, my God, food is important too.” Here is a popular sentence among Chinese netizens, “only love and food cannot be failed.” Delicious food gives us energy and drives depression away to some extent. After a week or a month’s tiredness, having a big meal is really a cheerful way to energize yourself! Do you like Chinese food or let me say in this way, what kind of Chinese food leaves you the deepest impression, and do you like it? Tell us in the comment! Our colleagues like hot pots and we recommend you to have a try. Welcome to talk with us, haha. Today Leizisure would like to show you our plastic flower tubs and some are new arrivals~

The plastic flower tubs as you can see in the picture are Leizisure barrel plant pot series. This series has three patterns – the wooden barrel effect pot and the whiskey pots(two styles). Our factory developed it years ago and now add some new colors!

plastic flower tubs

The hand-brushed colors show an antique style, which makes it a practical element to create a vintage atmosphere. If you are looking for a flower pot supplier who can provide a wide range of decorative plastic flower tubs, come to contact Leizisure! We won’t let you down. As a manufacturer specializing in plastic pots with around18 years’ experience, Leizisure has been developing products and exploring the market all the time. Self-watering planter is Leizisure’s featured and popular seller.

Leizisure whiskey barrel

New items!

In addition to the plastic flower tubs, we have garden accessories like garden fences and watering cans. See a cute boy is using Leizisure watering pot in our garden!  What a beautiful image!

Spring is a golden time to go out and enjoy nature. If it’s sunny outside, why not just hang out with your friend or family now? Seize the wonderful moments, guys! Next, let me show you our new plastic flower tubs. See the picture below. Do you like these new patterns? Which one attracts you the most? I like the teal plant pot! This is my favorite color. This effect is similar to the Chinese celadon, which adds antique flavor to indoor or outdoor spaces. If you’re interested in these items, just have a chat with us. Welcome inquiry and orders!



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