Leizisure Plastic Tubs for Plants


Did you off this Labor Day? How’s your holiday? We come back to work today and feel energized after a short break. Some of our colleagues went climbing mountains, camping, barbecuing, etc. And others stayed at home, spending time with their families and planting flowers and vegetables! It’s a relaxing activity, too. Here we’re going to show you Leizisure plastic tubs for plants. Buy from Leizisure, and we offer you the best quality flower pots at an economical price~ Because we have our own factories and have manufactured plant pots for nearly 18 years. Welcome to visit the Leizisure official web to know more.

With thousands of molds, Leizisure has a wide range of plastic tubs for plants, like a self-watering planter, hanging baskets, gallon pots, and nursery pots in various colors. We accept sample orders, OEM and ODM. Give Leizisure a chance and we’ll be sure to meet your demands. We have attended Canton Fair since 2003, from which we’ve established a deep relationship with a lot of our customers. Thanks to this platform, Leizisure has the chance to be recognized by the global market.

We really hope to meet you face to face so that you can know Leizisure better and see our plastic tubs for plants directly, additionally, we can introduce ourselves better. While due to the pandemic, it seems hard to do this way. Hope that everything goes better in 2022. It’s undoubted that the Coronavirus has hit the economic development and so does the war, which has caused a price rise in petrol. Is the oil price lower now on your side? Just tell us in the comment.

Leizisure railing planter

Located in Zhejiang Province, the south of China, we are close to Ningbo port. You may be unfamiliar with Zhejiang, but what about Shanghai? It takes around 3 hours by high-speed rail for us to arrive there. Convenient transportation has made us become closer.

Raised garden bed

Here is one of Leizisure bestsellers, the raised garden box. The large planter is made of reinforced PP materials with thick, wear-resistant, non-toxic, and odorless, high load-bearing, good heat, and cold resistance characteristics. It can withstand seasonal changes, and will not rot, warp, shatter and crack!

In addition to plastic tubs for plants, Leizisure has garden fences and watering cans, and you may read our previous articles to see more details. What do you think of the two planters shown today? Leave your idea to us!




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