Vertical Pots for Plants from Leizisure


Leizisure is a self-owned brand of Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation and our factory mainly manufactures plastic plant pots. With various series, today we’d like to show you how to build a living wall by using the vertical pots for plants. Read on to see this creative and stylish plant wall.

The living wall or green wall provides a perfect alternative to get gardening even when you don’t have enough garden space. You may have seen them in the lobbies of hotels, corporate offices, or shopping centers.

Usually mounted on the interior or exterior walls of buildings, these vertical installations can vary in sizes and shapes. They have become increasingly popular in the past decade and are becoming more common in residential homes and apartment buildings, especially in cities where space is limited.

Build a plant wall with Leizisure

Leizisure vertical pots for plants give plant lovers possibilities of owning a distinctive green wall. When it comes to creating a plant wall, you need to pick a suitable spot for it: A place with plenty of bright and indirect light is ideal, or you can consider using grow lights indoor. The picture shown below is the lush fern wall in our factory on the way to our office.

plant wall

In terms of choosing the plants that will live on your wall, select low-maintenance houseplants to make sure they will thrive, for your plant may be under poor lighting conditions. Here we list some tolerant houseplants that will thrive on your wall: pothos, philodendron, dracaena, and anthurium plants. These plants are all very hearty and grow well with a little neglect.

fern wall

Ferns look beautiful in plant walls, though they lose leaves quite often and can make quite a mess. It’s worth noting that all the plants you use require the same type of care. If you are looking to have companion plants beside your plant wall, some low-maintenance varieties are snake plants, birds of paradise, umbrella plants, and philodendron.

The vertical pots for plants are composed of a few small plastic terra-cotta pots.

These are the outer stands, three pots in one set. Adopting injection molding, the vertical pots for plants are durable and sturdy. Choose Leizisure as your flowerpot supplier, and we will provide you with the best product.



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