Glazed Flower Pots from Leizisure


Recently the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has attracted attention worldwide. War is fierce and cruel and brings suffering to ordinary people. Peace should be the theme of this world. Hope this war ends in a short time. In the meanwhile, we feel lucky and grateful that we have a peaceful life now. Leizisure wishes you a good day! In today’s article, we’re going to talk about our new glazed flower pots, which have six sizes in total. Read on to know more about it!

Leizisure keeps working on developing new products. As a factory manufacturer, we have produced plastic flowerpots for more than 17 years. In addition to the plant pots, the garden fence is another main product. The glazed flower pots seem to be a quite common type of flowerpots and are decorative so that people often put them indoors. Different from the glossy surface of the glazed flower pots, Leizisure sandy/cement-like finish planters(see the picture below) show a special style. How do you like it? This series is great for outdoor use.

sandy plant pot

The planters have various shapes: Round, square, rectangular, triangular, cylinder, diamond-shaped, etc. If you want to see more products of this series, you can click the WhatsApp button to contact us~

Leizisure glazed flower pots

As mentioned above, the glazed flower pots have six sizes, which can satisfy different needs like putting on a table, bookshelf, and floor. Also, it has six colors! Displaying this small golden pot on the tea table will create an exquisite corner for you.

Here you can check the colors and sizes in the pic. And also you can check the video! (

We always do quality tests after production. Click the video and see how sturdy this plant pot is. Since green development is vital, our factory uses eco-friendly material to manufacture pots and recycle defective goods to improve the resource utilization rate. If you have specific demand on this glazed flower pots, you may leave your comment or contact us! Welcome ideas and orders!

Lively plant with ornamental flowerpot is worth trying if you want to change the room decor. A lot of furniture shops and florists take this way to sell their products, which is very convenient for customers to select. Leizisure has manifold plant pots and if you want to buy some pots, we have the confidence that you’ll find what you want from our factory! By the way, self-watering planter is our featured planter. Visit the online shop and have a look~




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