Leizisure Modern Flower Pots


How’s going recently our friends? Leizisure hopes you have a positive mood and a healthy lifestyle in this beautiful season. Our company organizes us to have an exercise every Monday in the morning. After that, we’ll be filled with energy to start the work on the first working day. How many times do you usually do sports every month? Tell us in the comment~ Today, we’d like to show you Leizisure modern flower pots. These are our popular sellers.

Plus we always shoot some interesting videos in our daily work. Not only do we have all kinds of plastic flower pots and garden fences, but also fun minds and crazy ideas! Watch this video to have fun!


What do you think of this video? Our colleagues are humorous and friendly. And in this video, our sales are the performers. So if you’re interested in Leizisure products, don’t hesitate to contact us! Welcome quote and orders. Next, let’s see one of Leizisure’s welcomed modern flower pots.

modern flower pots

Modern flower pots from Leizisure are decorative to be put indoors. This planter has a baking varnished finish, and the surface is similar to a car’s painting. In this video you’ll see the details, just have a look! Trees and flowers are both suitable to be grown in this planter. Additionally, this kind of pot has a self-watering function.

Self-watering planter

Leizisure’s self-watering planter has been recognized by the market. This is the high-end series pot. It’s quite wise to choose these intelligent modern flower pots. Owing thousands of molds, our factory has really a huge number of flowerpots, which have different shapes, finished and styles. Here is a triangular baking varnished container, consisting of two pots and a water level indicator. This design makes it convenient for you to give water to your plants. The indicator tells how much water is in the water reservoir, the bottom area of the outer planter. Do you like this slim and elegant plant pot?

It has several sizes and the small one is pretty nice to decorate your table or desk space! The mini dragon plant matches well with it and you can have a try. The while and smoky gray colors are popular in the European market. If you want to see other colors, you may contact us by clicking the WhatsApp button and tell us your needs~



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