Leizisure Plastic Garden Border Fences


If you have a garden, you may have this kind of confusion: How can I arrange my garden in an orderly way? Here Leizisure offers you some ideas. Leizisure is one of our company’s brands. The self-watering planter is a star product. In addition to kinds of flower pots, we have developed garden fences. The plastic garden border fences will help make your space neat. Read on to see more details.

Our company, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, launched dozens of plastic garden border fences last year. The one shown above is the hand-brushed color picket fence. These fence panels are fairly easy to install. You don’t need to dig a hole in the ground. It’s designed with sticks and you can use a rubber hammer to help you. Imagine installing these panels on your garden’s pathway!

Here I show you six kinds of Leizisure plastic garden border fences. Which one do you like? The brick-like one or the gate-like one? Just leave your message below! You may wonder what the material of these items is. They’re made from PP plastic, the same as our plant pots. With around 18 years’ experience in manufacturing plastic products, our pots and fences have reliable quality. Plus if you want to get a small number of them, it’s okay, and we accept sample orders. Just have a try! We’ll be your best supplier.

To see more fences from Leizisure, you can contact us through WhatsApp to get catalogs, and welcome to visit our Alibaba online shop! As a flower pot mfg, Leizisure has been enthusiastic about gardening and planting. If you’re a plant lover, let us become friends!

See Leizisure garden

We have two gardens, one is a rooftop garden, the other is our office garden. Let me invite you to watch this video and visit our garden online! Spring is the best time to revitalize the garden. Just grow some flowers and enjoy the moments. These raised garden beds are ideal containers to create a tidy space. Besides growing flowers inside, this planter is also optimal for vegetables to grow.

Next, let’s see our package. For example, the plant pot will be covered with EPE and a plastic bag. These will help protect the pot from breaking. And then it will be put into a carton.



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