Beautiful Indoor Gaeden Bed Leizisure


What kind of flowerpots are you looking for: Nursery pots, gallon pots, self-watering planters, hanging pots, wall hung pots or raised garden beds? As an experienced plastic flower pot manufacturer, I bet you’ll find your ideal pot from Leizisure! The indoor garden bed shown in the picture is Leizisure decorative self-watering planter. It’s both pretty and practical.

When buying something, we always hope to purchase goods from a reliable person or shop, etc. Leizisure is a self-owned brand of Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation. We have our own factories. Shengerda is a big family. Watch this video and you can see some amusing flowerpot guys! Also, visit a corner of our workshop~

Leizisure indoor garden bed

The ornamental pots have two finishes for you to choose – the matte one and the glossy one. When I saw the white indoor garden bed for the first time, I was just wondering, ‘Is it a ceramic pot?’ Do you have a similar feeling like me? Tell me in the comment!

Actually, this indoor garden bed is made from PP. The three wooden legs make it look like a small stool. It’s so cute. Grow a plant inside and it’s an art of piece! We have sold these items to some furniture stores. They take it to match the furniture. Customers will feel convenient having this service.

Besides the round size, here is the rectangular one. This indoor garden bed is bigger than the round pot and it has several sizes. The large rectangular planter has two inner buckets, both of which have handles. Designed with handles, the bucket is easy to be taken out from the outer container.

The illustration below shows how our self-watering system works. As you can see, there is an area left between the outer pot and the inner pot. We usually call it a water reservoir. It means that the pot can store water for plants. The roots will grow through the protruding sticks of the inner bucket and absorb water from the reservoir. You may have the question: How much water should be given to the reservoir? How can I control it?

Don’t worry. Here is a water level indicator! The transparent tube has max and min lines on it. When watering, just notice the indicator. Keep the red stick below the max line. According to different plants, the watering break varies. Normally it can be 15-40 days. Do you like this indoor garden bed? Know more info about Leizisure, contact us and get our newest catalogue!




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