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Recently the oil price keeps rising. Isn’t it troublesome? Life is not that easy, haha. The pandemic is still impacting the world. It’s better to wear masks when you’re out. And there has been inflation in some countries. How’s going, my friend? We’re in China and the virus is hitting some of our cities. Hope that everything goes well. Have a good day ahead. In today’s article, let’s see some new items from Leizisure! Here shows the decorative indoor pot Chinese mfg. Read on to know more details.

This decorative indoor pot Chinese mfg is featured in its painted color. The shifting sand effect makes it look unique and it’s super ornamental to decorate the room! Do you like this special design? Plus do you know what kind of material is it made from? You may think it’s a ceramic planter, while actually, the material is PP plastic.

Leizisure decorative indoor pot

What do you think of this decorative indoor pot Chinese mfg? Just tell us in the comment. we’d like to know your ideas! Here is a saying in China: “lucid water and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” Leizisure believes that green development is our future trend. We continue to use eco-friendly materials and recycle wastes in our factories. All of our flowerpots and garden fences have high quality. We can do OEM and accept sample orders. If you’re finding a flower pot supplier, contact us and welcome a quote.

Why choose us?

Our self-watering planters have been recognized by the market. The intelligent system helps to extend the watering break so that the plant won’t easily die away due to the lack of water. This diamond-shaped decorative indoor pot Chinese mfg is suitable to be put in the hall of hotels, train station, airport, etc. If you want to display a plant indoors, the self-watering pot will be the best choice.

Leizisure wishes you enjoy your planting leisure time with our planters! To know more information about us, just visit our official web. In addition to plastic flower pots, we have garden fences! These fence panels are ideal edging for the garden and yard. You can click on this video to have a look.


If you want to see our factory, you may watch our live show! We have shows in the Alibaba platform. Just leave message for us.



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