Leizisure Decorative Rattan Pot


We love nature so houseplants have gained in great popularity. A lot of people have their own garden or yard, full of various plants. Those who live in cities try to grow plants on the balcony or windowsill, or place some large plants on the floor. Indoor plants growing is interesting and can bring vitality inside. Plus ornamental plant pots can be a bright spot to decorate your room. Let’s see Leizisure rattan pot together.


The rattan pot, in fact, is not made of rattan. It’s made from eco-friendly PP plastic. The woven pattern gives a natural look. You can grow large greenery in it, like the Areca Palm shown in the picture. And in our previous article, we’ve talked about how to grow the palm. If you’re interested, you can visit our self-watering page.

square rattan planter

Besides this square rattan pot, the rectangular planter is bigger. You can choose a suitable one according to the plant’s size. The coffee color is similar to the rattan color. When I first saw this pot, I think it’s a real rattan pot, but surprisingly it’s a plastic flowerpot.

Next comes the cylinder rattan pot. All of these pots have self-watering function. This sub-irrigation system helps you take care of your plants. The self-watering planter always consists of two pots – the inner bucket and the outer container. The outer one works as a water reservoir to store water. And the water level indicator will tell you how much water is left in the reservoir.

cylinder rattan pot

Self-watering function

Even if you’re away from home for half a month, your plant won’t wilt due to the lack of water. When planting, we recommend you put some substrate at the bottom of the inner pot so as to help evenly spread the moisture to the plant.

self-watering planter



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