Leizisure Large Decorative Pot


Green lives are widely seen on a lot of occasions and they indeed add a unique flavor to a space. Do you want to place a plant to beautify your room or elsewhere? It’s worth trying! Some plants are able to tolerate neglect even when they’re put indoors without receiving enough sunlight. Going to the local nursery garden will be the most convenient way to pick up the greenery you want. To cultivate a new plant, a proper flowerpot is important, too. Ornamental plant pots are necessary items to improve interior design. See Leizisure large decorative pot in today’s article. 

The large decorative pot is made from eco-friendly plastic material, but it looks similar to a stone-like pot. The planter shown above has a Nordic style in light blue and silver colors. The large size is ideal to grow shrubs. Plus small sizes are available, too for this item. With a smooth and matte finish, the large decorative pot matches most scenes well. This planter can be equipped with an inner pad to enable better drainage so that the plant won’t suffer from root rot easily. Moreover, it doesn’t need an extra saucer anymore, which effectively avoids mosquitoes to breed. Do you like this planter? Tell us in the comment~

Stone effect planter

Next, let me show you another large decorative pot from Leizisure. With crossed lines pattern, the pot is like an engraved stone plant pot. However, its raw material is also PP plastic. Leizisure has its own factory manufacturing kinds of plastic flower pots. We have over a thousand molds and you are sure to find what you want by cooperating with us. As a Chinese factory supplier, we have exported goods to many European, American, African, and Asian countries. Welcome to have a chat with us. You may click the WhatsApp button to contact us and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible, just feel free to leave your name, demands, and email for us.

The large decorative pot in bright orange with a curved pattern is great to be put in the garden or patio. It stays harmonious with wooden furniture, too. In addition to this color, we have black, green, blue, etc. As a factory, Leizisure provides you with OEM and ODM services. If you want some certain products, you may contact us. Our company has attended Canton Fairs since 2003, while due to the pandemic, it might be hard to meet through this platform. We have live shows on Alibaba, and you can visit us in this way!




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