Leizisure Large Vegetable Planter


The summer of 2022 embraces a relatively lower temperature than the past year. Raining has been the featuring weather of this period in Zhejiang Province, southern China. Sunny days were less seen these days. What’s the weather like in your area? Thanks to the rainfall, some veggies production is fruitful. We’ve grown cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, carrots, and so on. Here shows you a picture taken from Leizisure rooftop garden. You may think that we planted them in the field, while actually we sowed the seeds in Leizisure large vegetable planter and now it bears cucumbers! Read on to see the big-size plant pot. If you want a raised garden bed, this one would be ideal.

The white four-legged large vegetable planter seems not easy to maintain while putting outdoors. But as you can see, I just took a random shot of them and they have been used for a long time in this corner. Plus do you know what vegetables are grown in this planter? Leave your message in the comment!

When these garden boxes are placed together in a row, it’s quite easy for you to make your garden neat and become orderly. Surprisingly, the large vegetable planter also has a water-level indicator, which helps you know how much water is stored at the bottom of the planter. You might feel confused that if there is too much water left in the planter, the plants tend to suffer from root rots. So how can they thrive in the pot?

Leizisure large vegetable planter

Let me tell you. The large vegetable planter is equipped with a soil separator, which is designed with drainage holes and water-absorbing sticks. This black pad prevents roots from drenching in much water and promotes the growth of water roots. Just be aware of how to use this helpful self-watering planter and you’ll feel how great to start container gardening with Leizisure!

By the way, this Leizisure large vegetable planter is a perfect container for flowers, too. Hydrangea and sunflower look nice in these raised garden beds. The four legs are accessible to be taken out and directly putting it on the ground turns it to be a wonderful planter for kids to have a planting experience! Take orders from Leizisure and we supply you with a factory price. We are a Chinese factory manufacturer~

Recently we’ve launched a new large vegetable planter! look at the picture below~ If you’re interested in it, welcome to contact us.



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