Leizisure Vegetable Growing Tub


International Workers’ Day is around the corner. Will you have several days off during this festival? How will you spend this short holiday? Tell us in the comment! Our company gives us three days’ break. While due to the pandemic, it might be difficult for us to travel out of the city. The situation is fluctuating. How’s going on your side, my buddy? This virus is now like influenza, but it has a severer impact on the human body. Maybe I will just stay at home and spend time with my family, pets, and plants. Plus it’s a good idea to grow some vegetables on your own so that even if you’re under a sudden quarantine, you have some fresh food. Here shows you the Leizisure vegetable growing tub.

See our little girl is watering the seedling. Sometimes kids of my colleagues go to play in the company garden and plant veggies by themselves. Isn’t it a beneficial activity to cultivate children’s hands-on skills? Plus Leizisure also has a watering can! This cute can is ideal for kids to carry on their hands. If you like the vegetable growing tub, don’t hesitate to contact us!

vegetable growing tub

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This vegetable growing tub has three colors, white, blue, and coffee. As you can see, this planter is raised from the ground with four legs, which creates a tidy and orderly look for your garden, patio, or elsewhere.

Equipped with a heat-keeping dome, the vegetable growing tub is just like a small ‘greenhouse’. It is a practical pot to grow new plants. A drainage hole is necessary for a good flower pot to create a healthy environment. This raised garden bed has two drainage holes on its two sides. When it’s used outdoors, just take the rubber plug out. Additionally, you can connect these pots together by using the tube.

Made from environmentally friendly PP material, it’s a really sturdy and durable tub for outdoor use. Thanks to its large space, this tub is also great to combine different flowers inside! It will definitely add vitality to your garden!



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