Growing Tulips in Pots


With various types, tulips have manifold colors ranging from pink t0 purple and even black. Tulips normally break through the soil in late winter or early spring. If you want some vibrant colors to illuminate your garden in spring, then having a yard of tulips is incredibly a good idea. Or growing them in flowerpots is also practicable. See these fabulous flowers blooming in barrel flower pot. Leizisure offers you high-quality decorative outdoor plant pots.

What kind of planter does tulips like?

It’s better for tulips to have a large planter, for limited space may affect the flowering effect. If you’re going to put them outdoor, the pot should be even bigger. The bigger pot hold much more soil to surround the bulbs and prevent them from freezing. Another important factor is that ensure your planter has drainage holes at the bottom so that surplus water won’t run in the pots, which may cause root rots. Consider Leizisure barrel flower pot.

barrel plant pot

Soil and water requirements

Some types like Triumph, Single Early, Double Early, and Darwin Hybrids are suitable for container growth. Planting them in the fall. If you miss the right time, you can also have a try in case of you’re in a mild winter. In terms of soil, it seems quite convenient to get soil from your garden and fill your pot with it, while taking a mix of potting soil and sandy soil will provide better conditions for your tulips to grow.

Leizisure self-watering planter

After planting, remember to water it, thoroughly and slowly. If you live in hardiness zone 4-7 and you’re using a clay pot which is smaller than 24” in diameter, you’d better put the pot indoors in a cool spot. The ideal temperature is between 35-45 degrees F. Growing this flower in Leizisure barrel flower pot, and take care of the bulbs under right conditions, and next spring you’ll get a blooming feast .



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