Planting Camellias in Pots


Camellia is one of the first shrubs to produce blooms in late winter or spring. Since camellias can be somewhat picky about their growing conditions, planting camellias in pots is an ideal way to produce the perfect situation for this spectacular plant. Read on to learn what camellia flowers symbolize and how to grow a camellia in a container. Leizisure provides you with quality self-watering planters.

Meaning and symbolism of camellias

The flowering shrub produces splashy flowers. As a well-respected flower in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and China, camellias have different cultural significance.

In Latin, camellia means helper to the priest. Additionally, this flower has other meanings, and it varies relying on the culture. In western culture, the rose is the symbol of love, while in Eastern culture, camellia represents love. This blossom is given as a gift to express faithfulness or devotion.

However, it also has a negative connotation. For example, giving white camellias is considered bad luck in Japan, in that it’s associated with death and funerals.

growing camellias in pots

How to grow camellias in planters

Planting camellias in pots isn’t hard. The plants prefer well-drained, acidic soil. You can make your own mix by mixing coarse peat moss or small pine bark with coarse sand in equal parts. But it’s better not to use fine peat moss, as it tends to quickly become too dry or too wet.

Remember to place the plant in partial shade and prevent hot afternoon sunlight, especially if you’re in a sunny climate. When grown outdoor, you should choose a durable and sturdy plant pot that can drain well.

Leizisure large gardening pot offers a excellent home to greenery. The scientific design, its self-watering system, will free your hand from watering frequently once your plant gets adapt to it.

Leizisure large garden pot

Planting camellias in pots requires checking the soil regularly, as they dry out much faster than shrubs planted in the ground. When the top 2 to 4 inches of potting mix feels dry to the touch, then allow the pot to drain. Keep in mind that never let the planter to sit in water.

Fertilizing is necessary after blooming. A water-soluble fertilizer for acid-loving plants will be great. If it seems to grow slow, feed the plant again in summer. It’s worth noting that fertilizing a dry plant may scorch the roots. Thus check your soil first before feeding.



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