Planters make planting easier


Are you a flower enthusiast? Have you ever been troubled by forgetting watering your plants for several times? Or some of you maybe just confused about when and how to water? It seems like a quite common phenomenon for gardening amateurs. Leizisure #self-watering flower pots# can be your assistants to help it out.

What does self-watering mean?

Literally speaking, it means that the #flower pot# would automatically provide water for the plant after one-time water filling. And the water level indicator tells you the time to water and so as the quantity. This kind of function is on the basis of the planter irrigation system. Let’s see how it works when you keep your own plant with Leizisure pots.

Let us plant together!

The planter body consists of five parts: inner pot, external pot, water level indicator, water supply shaft and water reservoir. If you want to repot, simply place the plant with Lezisure in the planter liner, then, cover the separator with the supplied LEIZISURE-PON substrate. Set the plant and LEIZISURE-PON in the planter and fill the planter with soil.

After these steps, there will be around 12 weeks for your plant to fit in, which is called growing-in phase. During this period, please continue to water it as you normally do, pouring water “onto” it from above. Once the fitting-in phase has done, your plant will be able to draw the water it needs from the reservoir area on its own. Time to free your watering from everyday!

Things you need to notice 🙂

Following the growing-in phase, when watering the plant, be sure to fill the water reservoir via the water supply shaft until the water level indicator reads “max.” Now your plant will care for itself thanks to LEIZISURE. If the water level indicator reads “min.,” this indicates the start of the “dry phase” for the plant; this phase can last 2–10 days. After each dry phase, refill the water reservoir to “max.” via the water supply shaft. The shaft makes it easy to fill the reservoir with water or fertilizer.

That is to say, you can water your plant for about once a month, for it can look after itself well with the help of self-watering system. So whether you are on a business trip, too busy to take care of your plants, or even some occasional events happens, like the COVID-19 pandemic which keeps you away from home, the left-behind plants do can live well in 20 days with Leizisure #flower pot#.




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