Decorative Planters for Wintertime


We’ve welcomed a cold wave in these days. It seems like the autumn is being skipped and winter comes. How’s the weather recently in your city? As temperatures drop outside, bring warmth into your home with cozy winter decorations. When it comes to winter, what kind of words would you use to describe it? Maybe cold, wilted, snowy, quiet, something like this. Thus add some colorful elements to your home is an good option to make you feel warm.

Generally, we know warm colors are those in the red, orange, and yellow families, while cool colors are those in the green, blue, and purple families. So what about white and grey color? Is white a cold or warm color? Both! Yellow or pink undertones will look warmer, but white with blue or green undertones will appear cooler. So does grey. Therefore, for plant enthusiasts, we recommend these decorative planters of warm colors for wintertime.

Leizisure coloured flower pots

Leizisure is a self-owned brand of Taizhou Shengerda Corporation, focusing on high-end plastic flowerpots. And Shengerda is also our brand, providing basic gardening pots. No matter what kind of plastic plant pots you want, our company can certainly satisfy your need, for we have 17-year manufacturing experience and possess various product series, like rattan surface series, stand series, cylinder series and so on.

coloured plastic plant pots

This LY-01/02/03 flower pot allows you to enjoy rich colors in one single planter. The surface is of glossy glaze texture, but it’s made of durable PP material. Each of them combines at least two colors, such as black and red, chocolate and blue, white and red etc. Just imagine put them in your balcony or garden, it looks like an oil painting, enlivening your dreary garden.

These colors shown in the picture are all available. Color B leaves me an impression of sunset, its yellow and orange red combination fits the green plant well, brighten the whole color. Which one do you like best? Just leave your  comment and let us know.

colourful garden pots


XTB3101-TB3105 plant pot features rattan surface and dumpy round shape, which looks like a basket. Its material is PP plastic. Totally it has five colors: coffee, red, white, ice blue and blue. The coffee and red ones are great for cold days decor. As Christmas is getting near, why not choose one to adorn your home?



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