Leizisure Decorative Garden Fence Panels


When you come across warm weather after a frigid cold, you may feel elevated and act bubbly. Spring is on its way as the temperature goes up. This is a great time to go outside and enjoy the sunlight! Also, plants have the strong potential to grow robustly in this period. So if you’re going to bring new green lives into your garden or patio, seize the time! Leizisure has manifold plastic flowerpots and decorative garden fence panels. Just revel in the pleasure of gardening with Leizisure!

We’ve manufactured plastic planters for over 17 years, during which we’ve developed flowerpots of various styles, shapes, and colors. Adopted by different techniques, the plant pots show different effects. The decorative garden fence panels were launched last year. The garden fence is decorative and helps prevent your plants from treading. The pots in the picture are the rattan self-watering planter. The rattan-like surface gives a rustic feeling.

Leizisure rattan series

Made from PP, an eco-friendly plastic, the garden fences are both light and sturdy. Plus it’s quite easy to insert the fence panels into the soil. These ornamental fences work like an edging for plants, providing protection from weeds. Additionally, the decorative garden fence panels can be functioned as walkway fences and create a crisp look.

Here show several fences of different shapes. Which one do you like? Tell us in the comments! The square clay color fence looks like a low brick wall. It’s a unique edging for your flower bed! The price is quite economical. The gray fence is featured by its cylinder combination. We’re a factory manufacturer and offer all kinds of plastic flowerpots and decorative garden fence panels to our clients. High quality is the basic principle we’ve held all through our business.

Know more about Leizisure! 

Holding the belief in environmental protection, Leizisure uses eco-friendly materials to produce all of our products. One of the materials is polypropylene, abbreviated as PP. Choose us and we’ll offer you the most competitive price. The advantage of plastic is the lightweight, which is kind to sea freight. To know more products from Leizisure, you can visit our Alibaba shop or click the WhatsApp button to contact us. If you’re always busy and have little time to care for your plants, then our self-watering planter will be your helper. Just see our self-watering page!



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