Leizisure New Outdoor Fence Panels


Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation has been experienced in manufacturing plastic flowerpots. We’ve kept developing new plant pots since we’re founded in 2005. In 2012, we got our brand – Leizisure, the featured product of which is a self-watering planter. Consistently pursuing advance, our company launches new products this year – the outdoor fence panels.

Holding the belief in environmental protection, we use eco-friendly materials to produce all of our products. One of the materials is polypropylene, abbreviated as PP. Choose us and we’ll offer you the most competitive price. The advantage of plastic is its light weight, which is kind to sea freight. Since we have used these kinds of materials to manufacture flowerpots for 17 years, the quality is assured. The outdoor fence panels can last long.

brick-like garden fence

The brick-like garden fence

This fence panel has a brick wall appearance. Each panel has two spikes, which are used for inserting into the soil. They can ensure the sections are secure in the ground. Plus it’s designed with interlocking tabs so that the panels can connect with each other easily. This fence has two colors: orange and dark gray.


The outdoor fence panels have the same brick appearance and look like signs that can be held in hand. They’re smaller and are versatile for curved or straight borders. The recycled plastic is weather-resistant, strong, and durable. They’re a great alternative to metal and wooden fences.

A small-sized panel like this one can also be matched with our new garden bed. This vegetable planter is a big container, large enough for vegetables to thrive. For growing veggies in pots, the larger, the better. A lot of our customers grow strawberries in it. It’s an interesting entertainment. Grow fruits by yourself and pick them up. Share them with your family and friends. Just enjoy the process.

vegetable garden bed

In addition to the brick-like fences, let’s have a look at this ornamental wrought iron-style border panel. It’s easy to install and you don’t have to dig holes. Simply tap the rubber mallet and it’s finished.

Up to now, we’ve developed dozens of outdoor fence panels. If you want to see more, you can visit our Alibaba online shop, or just click the WhatsApp button and leave your contact email so that our serviceman can send you our catalogue.



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