Inch Plant in Hanging Basket


Nature is full of possibilities. When we put ourselves in it, we will feel a strong sense of connection. Plants and animals are our friends. Growing plants is a way to relax and release your burden. If you don’t have a yard or garden, you can consider growing them in plant pots. Leizisure has 17-year experience in manufacturing plastic flowerpots, of which the material is eco-friendly. Today let’s see the self-watering hanging pots together with the Inch Plant.

The green foliage is the most common one of plants. The Inch Plant has unique purple-striped leaves. Last time we’ve talked about the purple shamrock. Different from the inch plant, the shamrock has deep purple leaves. Both of them are idea trailing plants if you want a cascading plant. Leizisure self-watering hanging pots feature rattan surfaces. There are a lot of colors you can opt for.

self-watering hanging pot

This self-watering planter consists of the inner bucket, outer container, water level indicator, and three-strand iron chains. The hanging basket helps to take advantage of the vertical space. With a rubber plug at the bottom of the outer pot, it can be both used indoor and outdoor. When it’s hung outdoor, just take the plug out. The drainage hole helps drain excess water and avoid roo rot. The self-watering hanging pots have different sizes and colors. You can choose one in accordance with your needs.

The flesh inch plant is a kind of trailing succulent. Like many other succulents, it needs little care and can be grown easily. And it has four common types, which have different variegated leaves. Here we give you a simple guide on how to care for it.

Care tips for inch plant

The stem of it can stretch to 60 centimeters or more. When you grow it in the ground, it may spread crazily. In winter, you should water less, since it’s the resting period. When it comes to the growing season, water them deeply and let the soil be lightly moist. But soggy soil is terrible. Just don’t overwater it. If the stems look wilted, the plant might suffer from root rot. What you should do is cut off the stems and let the soil dry out. The inch plant loves bright and indirect light. The lack of light may cause longer space between leaves. If you don’t like them, you can pinch them off. Remember to place it in a brighter spot.



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