Unique Purple leaves: Purple shamrock


We’ve seen a charming foliage plant – the Anthurium crystallinum in the last article. Its dark green leaves and deep, white vein make it stand out. Today let’s see a plant with unique deep purple leaves – the purple shamrock. This deep tune together with our antique plant pot is well-matched, which would create a vintage style for your space.

Leizisure antique plant pot is large enough to accommodate several kinds of plants. Thus it must be a great container to grow fast-grown and prolific greenery, just like the purple shamrock. You’ll get a flourishing potted plant.

The shamrock, also named Oxalis triangularis, has triangle-shaped foliage, and three in one set. Interestingly, these leaves will fold up at night and reopen in the morning. It will bloom small flowers as you can see in the picture. The light pink and lavender color goes well with its leaves color. Just imagine growing it in the antique plant pot. The vintage colors and hand-brushed paint make the planter special from other ordinary flowerpots.

The oxalis has a wide range of types. And the most common one is the green one which also booms tiny pink or yellow flowers. It’s so prolific that many gardeners see it as weeds and try to get them out of their land. But when it comes to the purple one, things become different – it’s a popular houseplant.

When it’s grown indoors, there will be a dormant phase in winter. You might think that they died but they’re lying in dormancy. What you can do is stop watering and keep the soil dry. When a new leaf appears, you can start watering them again. It’s better to fertilize them and offer them more light. To grow healthy oxalis, you should put them in a sunny spot and regularly water them when the soil begins to dry out.

Leizisure antique plant pot

Leizisure is owned by Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, whose featured product is the self-watering planter. As a 17-year plastic flowerpot manufacturer, we have developed a range of plant pots. All of them are made from eco-friendly PP plastic, which is strong and durable for outdoor use. We have two factories. No matter what you want, we can do customization for you. For the antique plant pot, there are different shapes and patterns. Which one do you like? Leave your comments and let us know.



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