Grow Anthurium Crystallinum Indoor


A lot of houseplants are grown for their beautiful and unique foliage, like monstera, bird of paradise, areca palm, etc. Manifold shapes of leaves offer you kinds of chances to decorate interior space. Whatever style your room is, you can always find a suitable plant to satisfy the need. Anthurium Crystallinum is one of the foliage greenery with heart-shaped leaves. Leizisure indoor self-watering planter along with this highly welcomed plant creates a special visual interest.

What kind of pot to choose

Before we come to Anthurium Crystallinum care, here is a question for you: what kind of plant pot would you like to grow plants? Ceramic, terracotta, stone, wooden or plastic planter? Here we invite you to see an indoor self-watering planter. I love this pot owing to its elegant and beautiful appearance, which can get a good fit with almost any interior style. The planter looks like glazed ceramic but is lighter.

indoor self-watering planter

Leizisure indoor self-watering planter has a minimalist style. The self-watering series includes plastic pots of different shapes and sizes. You’ll certainly get what you want from us. Our factory has 17-year experience in manufacturing plastic plant pots thus the quality is assured.

Anthurium crystallinum care

This plant has been featured by its dark green or reddish-purple leaves with deep white veins. When grown as s houseplant, you may always see there are two to five leaves in one pot. Unlike pothos and peace lily, it has less foliage. But in terms of care, it needs as little care as pothos. Indigenous to Central and South America, it brings a tropical flair and feeling.

Here’s the basic guide to care for it. It loves bright but indirect light. Filtered light would be great, so you can put it in a bright room with windows. Curtains and shutters are nice to filter strong sunlight. Plus choose a well-draining and loose potting mix to grow them, which can hold moisture. Hence we don’t suggest you take terracotta pots, for you may need to water them more frequently. Our indoor self-watering planter is composed of 2 pots so that you don’t need a saucer to hold the draining water.

The temperature between 60 to 70 F is proper for the crystallinum to grow. When it comes to humidity, it flourishes under high humidity conditions, but make sure the air circulation is fine in the room. If you’re in some hot regions, you can mist the leaves every day.



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